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Lactose Intolerance Test - Bacterial Overgrowth Test

Patient Test Protocol

If you meet the pre-conditions for testing as outlined above, proceed with the following protocol:

Office Visit

An alveolar (exhaled air) sample will be taken to analyze and establish a baseline for breath hydrogen (H2). The H2 concentration in an alveolar air sample from a healthy person who has fasted for 12 hours is normally less than 10 (ppm). Higher values for H2 may indicate incomplete fasting, the ingestion of slowly digesting foods the day before, or if the level exceeds 10-20 (ppm) lactose intolerance or the presence of bacterial overgrowth. You will then be instructed to drink the milk. Thirty minutes after drinking the milk a alveolar sample is collected and analyzed and every 10 minutes thereafter until it reaches a level at least 5 (ppm) than the first reading. Several alveolar samples are collected. The test is complete unless the level does not reach 10 (ppm) or higher. You may be then asked to continue fasting for further testing.

Download Protocol for Lactose Intolerance Test - this test is done at Dr. Shields main office.