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Dr. Shields at the San Francisco Zoo Friday December 3, 2010

Endangered western lowland gorillas that has been having gastrointestinal issues underwent a medical procedure Friday December 3, 2010.

Click here to watch the KTVU Video

Medical Consultant to SF Zoo:

Dr. Shields is an active participant in his community, and one of his favorite activities is his volunteer work as a medical consultant at the San Francisco Zoo. The Zoo has an outstanding gorilla exhibit well cared for by a team of experienced Veterinarians. However, one of their female gorillas, Zura, became ill with recurrent small bowel obstructions, weight loss, and pica. Appropriate blood tests were obtained and results were suggestive of Crohn’s, a disease which primarily occurs in humans. So the Zoo consulted Dr. Shields to lend his expertise in human diseases and translate them to our close relative, the gorilla. Once you meet Dr. Shields it will be obvious to you why they selected him. He is known in the community for his professionalism and pioneering spirit. He is game for any challenge, provides fresh perspectives, and makes the task fun. Dr. Shields secured donations of endoscopic equipment to provide the SF Zoo Hospital with sate-of –the-art endoscopic technology. As a team they were able to scope Zura and successfully diagnose and treat her for Crohn’s. Zura is currently receiving appropriate treatment and thriving. If Dr. Shields can colonoscope a gorilla, he can care for even the most reluctant human patients.

Advisory Board to the Healthy Family Foundation:

The goal of the Healthy Family Foundation is to identify and help “at risk” children and provide in home services for them in the first few years of life. The organization provides comprehensive medical and social services in most cases at no charge. The dream was one of John Shields, Dr. David Shields brother, who was the founding CEO of this charitable organization. Unfortunately, John died of cancer a few years ago and Dr. David Shields remains on the advisory board to make certain that his brother’s dream continues to thrive. Please visit the web site of this noble organization,http://www.jfkfoundation.org.

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